"Read it and see if, next time the television squawks a tornado watch, you don't sit up and take notice." Dallas Morning News
  Storm Warning: The Story of a Killer Tornado 

On May 3, 1999, a series of devastating tornadoes raked the Great Plains. This is the true story of one tornado - a 300-mph monster that swept whole homes from their foundations, ripped grass by its roots and peeled asphalt off the highways - and the extraordinary people who kept the most powerful twister ever recorded from becoming the deadliest. 

"Mathis has managed to bring to life both nature's fury and human tragedy in this story of a killer tornado," Bob Swanson and Doyle Rice, USA Today Weather Guys.

"Wonderful!" Dr. Greg Forbes, Weather Channel storm expert.

"A well-written and chilling account," Dr. Jeff Masters, Weather Underground founder.

"Pity those ordinary human beings in their tract houses, their churches, schools and mobile homes, caught in harm's way that May afternoon in 1999. Their fate unfolds in these pages, like the great storm itself, with excruciating suspense and terrifying bursts of energy." Bill Marvel, Dallas Morning News

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Storm Warning was published by Simon and Schuster's Touchstone Division. Nancy Mathis is represented by Bob Mecoy. Read an excerpt.